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Currently engaged in a mighty struggle for consistent connectivity with my wireless network, so I'm going to post these while it's up. I'll be updating in batches as they get translated/as my internet cooperates. REFRESH! PRESS YOUR LUCK! BIG MONEY BIG MONEY NO WHAMMIES NO WHAMMIES -- STOP!

As far as doing anything with them: reposting is fine, using them for subs is fine as long as you ask first and give proper credit. OK? OK!

BTW, just gonna note that Google voice isn't the exact name of the service, I just really can't think of a better way to say it. It's vocal commands, and you use Google to search, but Google Voice is like Skype, basically.

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It's still technically Sho day! I haven't completely failed as a stan! Here's Sho's interview from "Freecell" in 2009 about "The Quiz Show." Easily one of my favourite shoots, and the interview was pretty neat, too. I don't know, I feel like I should say more but my ass is running late for work so WHATEVER! ENJOY, OK? OK. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHO! (also, too lazy to add scans right now. y'all can deal)

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There is a blizzard keeping me inside this weekend, preventing me from going to hang out with my friends at the bar and watch our uni's rivalry game. But it's probably better that I'm productive instead of inebriated for one weekend. So here, have a translation that I've had sitting around for months.

still adorable )
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It's finally done! I've spent the last 8 hours doing this because... it's my mind twin, sociology/cultural studies, and fellow srsface Jun stan, [livejournal.com profile] agentduckiechan's birthday! I promise I didn't forget your bday, even if you're going by Manila time. As my gift to you, since I can't be there to have drunken adventures with you, I give you the big chunk of Jun's "CUT" interview ♥ HAVE A HELLA BITCHIN BIRTHDAY, GURLFRAN! I promise I'll come back to the Bay this year and we'll get stupid dumb and stan our way through SF again ♥

I want to freak out about how adorable and flawless and frustratingly circutuous in his thinking (but in a way that still turns me on) Jun is, but I will save that for comments.!

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Well, fancy that! More than one post in a day! I love Jun's serials too much, I couldn't resist translating them tonight. So here's the last ones from the month of July thanks to anj again. And can I just say it's so fucking adorable that he went horseback riding between takes? I kind of melted at that part. But ffff he reminded me I need to clean my fish tank and I don't wanna ;___; Someone come clean it for me. Wu Zetian and Cixi thank you in advance for your time

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The Queen of Procrastination is back, doing what she does best. Today, I bring you Arashi's "Dear Snow" J-web mail. Thanks for the Japanese go, as always, to anj

Edit: somehow my first two lines got cut out, so hang on Edited with the edited version that somehow didn't paste the first time and reminds me why I always proofread like, 60 times before I post D; (also, hurf durf word correction. don't mind me, just being dyslexic as usu)

Arashi's fall-winter collection! )
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A quick translation because my brain is dead from studying for the JLPT and I don't want to study for the GRE right now ;_;

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Couple random little translations. I love the first one; it's so twitter-y XD

07.17 (Sat) 2:26PM

The last bit of light on a sunny day.
The sunset plus Mt. Fuji have me feeling doubly lucky

07.17 (Sat) 7:01PM

Good moooorning~
We're in the middle of a great shoot while we greet those also out on their morning runs
In the city

07.18 (Sun) 8:16AM

Filming on set :3
Starting tomrorow, it's really gonna start heating up~
I'm super stoked to watch it, since I haven't really yet ^_^ ^_^

07.18 (Sun) 1:04PM

13th September:
Even though summer is ending, Arashi's summer never will~! YAY! YAY!
- Aiba
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Whoa hey, look at that; I'm not dead! I've just been off translating other stuff and having a social life again. But since it's a gloomy, lazy sort of holiday morning (meaning I finally have the day off!), I bring you all Sho's latest UraArashi! Original Japanese comes, as always, from anj.

in which Sho channels Ohno and all his sunburnt glory )
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Nothing really witty to say this time, although it is pretty cute to see Jun all "is it summer yet? How about now? Now is it summer?"

thanks for the Japanese, anj

The weather has been pretty fickle. Maybe the rainy season will be over soon?
And after that, it'll finally be summer!

07.12 (Mon) 10:21AM

We're back in the forest for filming for the nth time.
The wind today was really strong and sort of ominous.

07.13 (Tue) 5:50PM

It was so cloudy until just now that I was shocked the sky was still blue under there.
Maybe it's finally summer...

07.26 (Fri) 3:24PM

We're totally done with recordings for the Natsuniji campaign.
I'm in a ton of shows, so watch them, ok? :D

07.16 (Fri) 7:25PM
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One quick translation before bed. I was all stoked when I heard about his new serial this morning, and it's pretty much exactly what I expected (by which I mean it's adorable and Jun is adorable and I love it ♥ ). I hope he updates it as religiously as I do my own Twitter XD

Thanks for the Japanese, anj ♥

The middle of a forest is really quiet, and though you can't tell by looking from the ground, up high the trees start to sway. It's a really high place from which to hang something.
07.02 (Fri): 5:51PM

We've migrated back to the studio for shooting.
It's really been awhile since I shot on-location. I was stoked.

07.10 (Sat) 12:37PM

We went to two beaches today. Neither the sunshine nor the clouds nor the wind were in sync for even a single moment.
Time rolled on by and I was able to relax.

07.10 7:24PM
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Time to spam yo flist with more Jun stanning! Another request from tumblr that's been sitting around on my work computer waiting to be finished. And since I have fuckall to do today, I finally got it done! So here's part 1 of Matsujun's "random curiosity" (with part 2 previously posted nyah). Oh, bb, you're so cute when you're full of wanderlust ♥ Let's get married and fulfill our mutual randomass curiosity by running off to random places together at a moment's notice.

I want to see, I want to feel )
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Ok, now that it's not Nino Day anymore, I can go back to being a Jun stan. So here's his part from that issue of Orista. I had most of this done a few weeks ago, actually, but my lazy ass didn't finish it till this morning.

If you missed Nino's, it's here (up next is Sho's or Leader's)

as members of the same group, that comfortable air comes naturally )
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Mah homegurl [livejournal.com profile] agentduckiechan hooked it up with scans of Jun's interview from the December 2008 issue of "CUT" and I had to start translating it. Here's the behind the scenes comments about it. If you haven't seen it, um... you're missing out. Like, for real. I... my brain, how does it work. Can't think. Can't breathe. Stupid sexy Jun.

he a-a-ate my heart )
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I have no idea what this is from or who put it up or anything except that it got posted on tumblr and I was bored last night and started translating it. I know pretty much fuckall about "Ooku" beyond the basic story (I'm gonna read it, I swear, after I finish the six other books I'm reading), so there were some things that didn't make a lick of sense. If you wanna correct me, feel free. Otherwise, enjoy~

I'd like for people to come see it when it's done )
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Quick req-fill also from tumblr. I know for sure it's been translated before, but here's mine. As for personal comments about it? All I have to say is THIS FUCKING SONG FFFFFF I don't think I stopped listening to it for a week after I first heard it. This is the jam, you don't even know.

kanji )
romaji )
translation )
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Another random req-fill via tumblr (I'm at work with nothing to do and basically getting paid to sit around and translate gay rainbow band things). There's a little more to this but I won't get to it till later tonight or tomorrow. I don't have my electronic dictionary with me and Japanese language support isn't enabled on my work computer and it's kinda really pissing me off. Just kidding, it's all done now! If I have time at work again, I'll start on the other member's :)

But enough "cool story bro," have some random Jun stats/questions. I have no idea what "standard size" is supposed to mean, but whatevs. As a lazy American, I kinda wanna convert these to imperial units, too, but I'm too lazy, so let's all use this as a chance to learn the metric system! 8D

Jun stats )
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Req-fill via tumblr, here's an old nikki from Nino ♥ Was this from after the one where they went on and the hosts were talking about how he's always touching Ohno's butt onstage? Cos he sounded mega frustrated in this one.

Edit: I have confirmation that this is indeed from after that! So yeah, Nino was pissed and now we know why c:

pissy nino is pissy )
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Happy Nino day, y'all! Like the hobag for Matsujun that I am, I was going to translate Jun's part first, but since it's Nino's day, here's his ♥ I don't think I've seen these translated yet, and if they have been, I don't give a good goddamn! :Dv No colour-coding this time. Nino's colour is just too obnoxious to find a nice, web-friendly version that doesn't commit ocular assault. Either way, enjoy~!

credit for the scans go, as always, to the lovely girls at sng ♥

acting would have no meaning if I didn't have Arashi )
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FML, it is 3 in the effing morning! WHATEVER. I said I was gonna translate this earlier today, so here it is!

scan by yuckie-chan~

Jun, too, loves to run off to random places ♥ )


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