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I announced on tumblr but forgot to announce it here: in addition to the searchable translation index, I've also moved my "One Dish" compendium to my site. I'll still be linking to them on tumblr, so you're free to follow that way, but if you're looking for them all in one place, then here they are:

One Dish

I've also got a tiny photography portfolio here of some of my favourite shots. I'll still upload a majority here, but these are mostly for if I want to show them off.

In terms of actually translating, I'm actually going to achieve my resolution to translate one thing per day for the entire year, even if it's one tiny thing. Hopefully you'll see the fruits of my labour here soon.
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Hey, friends! I've been working on this for a few days now and finally got everything inputted. This is basically like Unlimited's index, only it's for my translations. It'll make it easier for you to sort through albums, singles, pamphlets, years, etc. without having to ctrl+f through my monstrous completed projects page. I'll be keeping both, but this is also good for me to have a sort of portfolio for my translations.


Here's all the categories:
Categories: Lyrics or Text. Lyrics are obviously songs. Text is magazines, pamphlets, blogs, etc. Two overarching categories into which everything is sorted.
Artist: Self-explanatory
Year: Year something was released
People: For sorting by group member (if someone isn't there, I don't have something featuring them solo)
Single, Album: self-explanatory
Pamphlet: I'm including photobooks, but yeah, pamphlets from tours and stuff.
Magazine: self-explanatory
Web: Johnny's Web, OriSta blogs, etc.
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My previous list was getting kind of hooge, so I'm splitting these up. Upcoming & ongoing projects can be found here

last updated: 07.15.16

completed: subbed )
completed: magazines )
completed: lyrics )
completed: j-web, photobooks, etc )
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Hey, you! Yes, you! Have something you want to see me translate? Ask nicely and I will consider it!

    ☆ Japanese -> English only. My Spanish, Chinese, and Korean are really rusty and I wouldn't even attempt it.
    ☆ I aim to please and I love to translate, but I am, after all, just one person and this is just another hobby. So, no promises that I'll get to it in a timely manner or at all. Not trying to be a bitch; just being real.
    ☆ Request whatever you like -- magazine articles, news articles, songs, I'm even open to requests for shows.
    ☆ For scans/other multimedia: please correctly credit the original source/uploader so that I may do the same when I post it here.
    ☆ Not a huge thing, but requests from fandoms of which I am a part would be greatly appreciated.

type: (magazine, article, song, etc.)
source: (link to article/scan/whatever)
anything else: (comments, etc.)

. current requests .
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This is just for personal reference, since I can get pretty space-y. Feel free to ignore.

Completed projects can now be found here

last updated : 01.03.14

words )


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