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Suddenly have to practice translating Korean again so here's a quick translation

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Couldn't think of anything in Japanese that I wanted to translate today, so here's another Korean song. I was jamming super hard to this yesterday and decided to try translating it.

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I don't think you quite understand the feelings this song makes me feel. It's so tragically beautiful.

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DISCLAIMER: I'm only intermediate in my Korean, so if your Korean is better than mine, do feel free to correct me if you think I horribly mistranslated something. This is just an exercise for me, since I've only ever translated songs from English and Japanese into Korean before, never the other way around.

So, yeah. I need to work on my Korean more outside of class, so I wanted to try translating something into English. It's probably nowhere near as good as my Japanese translations. I'll probably come back to it in a year or two and want to punch myself in the face for how simplistic and shit it is. I also didn't do romanization for it because the only romanization I will accept is McCune-Reischauer, and do you have any idea how much of a pain it is to romanize in that style? The diacritics *hides in a corner, sobbing quietly*

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