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It's sake and translating with sempai night at my house! He's helped me work out a couple sentences that have been bugging me, so prepare for a flood of translations tonight and tomorrow (actual scale of flood may vary)

I want people to feel the meaning of the words in the solo song I produced with a hidden image of 'yin and yang' )
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The way Nagano phrased some things was really frustrating and I want to box his ears. This might be my worst translation ever, said the eternal and insufferable perfectionist.

It's been a long time since we've done a 360 degree stage, and I want to make this a tour you can enjoy from any seat.  )
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I should have had this done last night but I just couldn't work one of the sentences. I will spare you my spazzing.

We're being very fussy about making this a show full of rare songs that anyone would enjoy watching. )
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As requested by [livejournal.com profile] eskarina77, I'm going to try to translate more tour pamphlets, starting with the SekuBani tour (as you can see, she has exquisite taste and might also remember my weakness for this because THEY WERE IN MY HOME). I'm just going to go in order with the pamphlet instead of going from oldest to youngest like I usually do. No guarantees on when this gets finished. Hopefully before classes start again because I won't have time for shit once that starts. For now, enjoy.

'We want to make this a tour where we can show off the six of us's balanced relationship.' )


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