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I'm alive, I promise! My brain has just been mush for a variety of reasons but I wanted to translate this song the second I heard it because it made me cry because I'm a giant baby. Add this to my ever-growing list of songs that will make me cry if I see them live. At this point, I should just get life jackets for everyone in the venue because I'm going to drown the entire place in my tears.

. kanji .
泣いたり笑ったり 忙しい日々の
頼りない足取りで 迷い曲がっても


でも僕は 揺らめいて迷ってきた足跡も
また今を生きている しるしって思うんだ
一歩ずつ歩いた この道はいつか
きっと 煌めく景色へ繋がってる

ズレたり よれたり 騒がしい時代(とき)は
今では あの頃の痛みや涙も


でも僕は うつむいて立ち尽くした あの日々も
同じように迷う 誰かが気付いて
そっと ひとりじゃないって思えるような

振り返ればほら 地平線の先までも
途切れない道 確かに光る

ねえ今は 飛んだり歌うような足音で

振り向けば これまで歩んで来た足跡も
どこまでも続く これからの道のりも
一歩ずつ歩いた この道はいつか
きっと 煌めく景色へ繋がってる


. romaji .
Naitari watattari isogashii hibi no
Ashiato wa kaabu shiteku
Tarinai ashidori de mayoi magattemo
Nokoseru no wa hitosuji

Itsu made tattate
Tsuyokunarenai ne
Itsuka egaita jibun wo omou

Demo boku wa yurameite mayottekita ashiato mo
Mata ima wo ikiteiru shirushi tte omounda
Ippozutsu aruitia kono michi wa itsuka
Kitto kirameku keishiki e tsunagatteru

Zuretari yoretari sawagashii toki wa
Itsu no ma ni sugiteite
Ima de wa ano koro no itami ya namida mo
Mabushiku omoeru kedo

Itsu made dattakke
Kiyou na furi de
Yowai jibun wo gomakashiteita

Demo boku wa utsumuite tachitsukushita ano hibi mo
Ima boku wa sasaeru chikara tte omounda
Onaji you ni mayou dareka ga kidzuite
Sotto hitori ja nai tte omoeru you na

Tokini wa tachitomari nagara ikou
Ame de mo hare de mo kyou mo
Furikaereba hora chiheisen no saki made mo
Togirenai michi tashika ni hikaru

Nee ima wa tondari utau you na ashioto de
Miwashita haruka na sekai e kakedasou

Furimukeba kore made ayundekita ashiato mo
Doko made mo tsudzuku kore kara no michinori mo
Ippozutsu aruitia kono michi wa itsuka
Kitto kirameku keishiki e tsunagatteru

Nando mo fumidashite

. translation .
My footsteps have taken a turn
While I was laughing and crying in these busy days
At a pace I just can't keep up and even though they've taken a turn
All that's left is a straight line

No matter how much time passes
I just haven't been able to get stronger
Someday I'll remember the me I imagined

But even my confused and winding footsteps
Are a sign that I'm still alive
Step by step, this path will someday
Take me to a bright, shining place

Before I knew it, these troubled times
Passed while I was getting tangled and slipping up
I still vividly remember
My tears and the pain from back then

Up till now
Acting like I'm so clever
I've been lying to myself

But even on the days when I'm standing still with my head down
I remember I have the power to hold on
People who are confused like me realize it, too
And I quietly remember I'm not alone

I'll go on, though sometimes stopping and starting
Through the sun, through the rain, even today
If I look back -- see? I can even see the edge of the horizon
It's surely shining at the end of this unbroken road

Yeah, with the sound of my feet jumping like they're singing a song
I'll take off to that far-off place I saw

If I turn around, I can see the footsteps I've taken
I can keep going anywhere, even on this journey
Step by step, this path will someday
Take me to a bright, shining place

I'll step forward, over and over
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