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I AM SO BORED. Here is a song I love a lot.

. kanji .
あなたの呟くような微かな声とメロディ 覚えていられそう
右脳 左脳 無意識にそっと刻み込まれた記憶 体を流れてる
今日雨が止まなくても 例えば2度と会えなくても

HELLO HELLO 届いていますか? 今も変わらないまま あなたはただ
HELLO HELLO 歩き続けていますか?

Arrowのよう こぼれ落ちる速さで あなたの顔も 忘れてしまいそう?
それでも 不確かな確かを確かめに行く旅へ 音は流れてる
空に星が見えなくても 例えば2度と話せなくても

HELLO HELLO 気付いていますか? 今も変わらないまま 私はただ
HELLO HELLO 歌い続けていました

HELLO HELLO 覚えていますか? 景色は変わりゆく それでもただ
HELLO HELLO 鳴らし続けているから


. romaji .
anata no tsubuyaku kasuka na koe to merodii oboeteiraresou
unou sanou muishiki ni sotto kizamikomareta kioku karada wo nagareteru
kyou ame ga tomaranakutemo tatoeba nidoto aenakutemo

HELLO HELLO todoiteimasu ka? ima mo kawaranai mama anata wa tada
HELLO HELLO arukitsudzuketeimasu ka?

Arrow no you koboreochiru hayasa de anata no kao mo wasureteshimasou?
soredemo futashika na tashika wo tashikame ni iku tabi e oto wa nagareteru
sora ni hoshi ga mienakutemo tatoeba nidoto hanasekutemo

HELLO HELLO kitsuiteimasu ka? ima mo kawaranai mama watashi wa tada
HELLO HELLO utaitsudzuketeimashita

HELLO HELLO oboeteimasu ka? keshiki wa kawariyuku soredemo tada
HELLO HELLO narashitsudzuketeiru kara


. translation .
I seem to be able to remember the sound of the melody and your faint voice as it murmured
Left brain, right brain – the memories softly etched into my subconscious; my body drifts away
Even if the rain won’t stop today and even if, for example, we could never see one another again

HELLO HELLO is this getting through to you? The you who hasn’t changed, even now – that’s all you are
HELLO HELLO are you walking on?

Like the speed of an arrow from a bow – am I forgetting even your face that quickly?
Even still, the sound wafts on this journey to find out the uncertain certainties
Even if we can’t see the stars in the sky and even if, for example, we could never speak again

HELLO HELLO are you realizing it? The me who hasn’t changed, even now – that’s all I am
HELLO HELLO we’ve gone on singing

HELLO HELLO do you remember? The scenery is changing and that’s all it is
HELLO HELLO so it’ll keep on ringing out

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