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I can't stop myself from translating this pamphlet, so here's a couple things from the first few pages. Nothing really major? just some introduction, mostly, both to the pamphlet itself and the first photo spread. After this, it's each member's long interview, the group's long interview, and the behind-the-scenes of the making of "~此処から~".

The Bond of 6 People
Until now, from now on

Long Interview
In 10,000 characters
Their various thoughts

Making Story of 20th Anniversary Song
Total coverage of the entire process of making the 20th anniversary song

V6 Summit
The past, present, and future -- the members talk about it all

My Favorite Single Best 10
We collected each member's favourite 10 singles

Pages 6-7
V6 20th Anniversary! live with you. love you forever.
Even up until now, and from now on, as well

Fron their brilliant debut, they've run straight on through these 20 years. The 6 of them who've each mastered things on their own will now try and trace the tire tracks behind them. From long interviews to photographs from long ago, biographies, a behind-the-scenes on the making of the anniversary song, and their favourite 10 songs, and so on... And in all of that, it's jam-packed full of thoughts that can't be mentioned here. We'd like you to enjoy "the current state of 6 people who were able to meet."

Pages 8-9
V6 in Monotone Style
From the time of their debut, the smiling members with the innocent expressions, passing 20 years together, have become grown men. Now, what they want to get across is...
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