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Since I'm obviously not making any progress on scanning and stitching the last half of the tour pamphlet (or anything else in my life, lbr), here's a photo post of con-related things: the arenas, goods, and my idiotic face. I'll try to organize this into sections so it's easier to navigate.

. seats .

Yokohama Arena, 2015.09.19, 2nd floor stands, east block

Yokohama Arena, 2015.09.20, standing, F block

Yokohama Arena, 2015.09.21, standing, A block

Yoyogi, 2015.10.31, 2nd floor stands, north F block

Yoyogi, 2015.11.01, fans sitting outside the arena listening to the concert

. arenas .

They parked the trucks behind the arena at Yokoari

Lovecen trucks at Yokohama Arena, side and back

Lovecen truck at Yoyogi

Sign at Yoyogi

. goods .

Goods I bought the first night at Yokoari. L-R, top to bottom: Sakamoto uchiwa, mobile case (big enough for a small tablet or papers folded in half. I stored my passport and rail pass it in it throught the first trip), pamphlet (156 pages long, probably my favourite tour pamphlet ever), towel is under the mobile case (same size as most other towels you'd get at concerts, covered with the paisley), bag under the Maa-kun uchiwa (DO NOT MACHINE WASH IT, THE SCREEN PRINTING WILL COME OFF (I saw from a girl on Twitter)), USB (8gb, you basically break the heart to open it, but given how many times they've broken my heart...), mikuji in its wrapper, photo sets, t-shirt, penlight

FC pamphlet file. Inside holds 12 pamphlets. I was gonna buy more at Yoyogi and then just... didn't. Oh well. I would've needed like, 6, and that's not money I was wanting to spend anyway, so.

Coloured pencils you could only get at Yoyogi. Simple black case.

The ends all have crystals, one for each member's colour.

Front of the t-shirt

Back. Maa-kun's mom and I were talking about how popular it is this year. It sold out when I was at Yokoari buying goods on Sunday and she told me it also sold out in Sapporo.

What it looks like on yours truly. Your standard M size shirt, same as the 24 Hour TV or NEWS World Quest ones.

And the back. Sorry I look atrocious without makeup.

Mikuji from Yokohama, in the order that I got them. Fourth one is from one of my friends who went with me (THANK YOU AGAIN ♥)

Nagano mikuji from Halloween

Mikuji from the very nice girl at Harajuku Station

. mostly dumb pictures of yours truly .

My uchiwa for this trip. L-R: "Masa, let's go drinking," "Baseball Player Sakamoto" (lit. "athlete Sakamoto" but), my twtitter handle (my not-so-subtle way of telling them who I am) (They've talked on Next Generation before about how sometimes fans will put "I'm so-and-so" on their uchiwa and they'll remember that name from having read their letter/question on air, THERE WAS A LEGITIMATE REASON BEHIND THIS, I'M NOT JUST DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION (I mean yes, we all know I'm an attention whore but)).

I don't know how to take a decent picture, all I know how to do is make stupid faces.

This photo sponsored by Asahi Super Dry (come drinking with me, Maa-kun, it'll be amazing)
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