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Good morning! and hello from my new house! I finally got my new desk set up and I need a break from unpacking, so here's a short, quick, cute little jweb email from Go (sent last Friday but moving, no desk, etc).

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The second this showed up in my inbox, I knew it was going to be dorky and stupid because it's Okada. I was not disappointed.

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Another stupid email from these stupid squishy children. I meant to have this done days ago but kept getting caught up with other shit (mostly getting too hype to this album).

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Just a short, cute, quick little email about their new single

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The J-web people sent out an email about the LE A version of "Sky's the Limit," and since I have little else I can be doing while I convert all these videos to watch on my ipad on the flight home (seriously, Hainan Airlines, I like most everything about you, but your entertainment selection leaves a lot to be desired), so I've translated it for everyone.

a bit about the music card on LE A )
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hello, friends! I'll be finishing the SHB pamphlet shortly (once I can figure out these sentences that have been bugging me for ages) but first, drunk!me would like to translate the latest j-web email from Okada, so here goes

Good morning!


It's cold, but are you okay?

In this cold, we've released the heat-warming "Eien no Zero" (Eternal Zero).

In the movie theatre, please feel the magnificent love which connects you to the future. It's a great movie.

Welll, then, today, we'll also "oma!"1

Okada Junichi

. notes .
1. It's a reference to some thing related to his Hirakata Park "Onii-san" promotional activities, but drunk!me can't quite figure out what exactly it means, so we'll do that slightly more sober. I'm sure it's supposed to be hilarious, but it also may be a Kansai kind of humour which just flies over our heads. Humour is the hardest part of foreign languages to understand, after all.
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I want to procrastinate on my Korean homework and the mountain of reading I have to do so let's do a quick translation. This is the email jweb subscribers got the day "Library Wars (Toshokan Sensou)" came out in theatres.

Battle to Protect the Library

This is Okada Junichi, who has been forgetting a lot of things lately.

Everyone, you haven't forgotten what's today, have you? That's right, it's the day that "Toshokan Sensou" comes out!

It's a movie about a crew who protects libraries, and it's a movie that will definitely get your heart racing. It has a gunfight never seen in movies before, one that will make you jump out of your skin, and after all that it lets loose a LOVE story. It's definitely a movie you have to see in theatres. I'll be waiting at the movie theatre!

Okada Junichi
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Sorry these are late, duders. I was at a conference all weekend pretending to be an intelligent, capable, engaging academic. Here's all the j-web "O!M!G!" messages so far. Sakamoto's is probably going up tomorrow, and then I'll update with that when that happens (on my way to yet another conference). This time they went backwards from Okada to Sakamoto.

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Thankfully the messages got posted at a time when I actually had the time to translate them all, so here they are! (reposted from my tumblr)

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As you are more than aware, I haven't posted any real translations here for quite some time for a number of reasons. So today I'm going to rectify that by posting some scraps that I never got all the way translated. The j-web message was about BariBuddy, the "kEEP oN." messages I forgot to take screenshots of the last two, and the NicoNicoKen I just translated this morning. I wish I had more time to dedicate myself to translating it on a regular basis, cos it's super cute, but I know me, and I know I just get way too busy :( Real life is always ruining my fangirly life.

bacchiri MUSCLE! )
let's kEEP oN.! )
rock your soul )
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So the j-web special BariBuddy site is updating daily (I'm pretty sure?) with little messages from everyone, and here is where I will be compiling them. last updated: 02.16 / miyake, okada -- complete!

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All that near-constant refresing of the special site paid off! Here's the "Topics" section of the j-web special "バリバリBUDDY!" site. This had some weird phrases, I thought, but here it is.

V6 on Music Japan )
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Well, fancy that! More than one post in a day! I love Jun's serials too much, I couldn't resist translating them tonight. So here's the last ones from the month of July thanks to anj again. And can I just say it's so fucking adorable that he went horseback riding between takes? I kind of melted at that part. But ffff he reminded me I need to clean my fish tank and I don't wanna ;___; Someone come clean it for me. Wu Zetian and Cixi thank you in advance for your time

jun, bb, never stop being so adorable )
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The Queen of Procrastination is back, doing what she does best. Today, I bring you Arashi's "Dear Snow" J-web mail. Thanks for the Japanese go, as always, to anj

Edit: somehow my first two lines got cut out, so hang on Edited with the edited version that somehow didn't paste the first time and reminds me why I always proofread like, 60 times before I post D; (also, hurf durf word correction. don't mind me, just being dyslexic as usu)

Arashi's fall-winter collection! )
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Couple random little translations. I love the first one; it's so twitter-y XD

07.17 (Sat) 2:26PM

The last bit of light on a sunny day.
The sunset plus Mt. Fuji have me feeling doubly lucky

07.17 (Sat) 7:01PM

Good moooorning~
We're in the middle of a great shoot while we greet those also out on their morning runs
In the city

07.18 (Sun) 8:16AM

Filming on set :3
Starting tomrorow, it's really gonna start heating up~
I'm super stoked to watch it, since I haven't really yet ^_^ ^_^

07.18 (Sun) 1:04PM

13th September:
Even though summer is ending, Arashi's summer never will~! YAY! YAY!
- Aiba
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Whoa hey, look at that; I'm not dead! I've just been off translating other stuff and having a social life again. But since it's a gloomy, lazy sort of holiday morning (meaning I finally have the day off!), I bring you all Sho's latest UraArashi! Original Japanese comes, as always, from anj.

in which Sho channels Ohno and all his sunburnt glory )
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Nothing really witty to say this time, although it is pretty cute to see Jun all "is it summer yet? How about now? Now is it summer?"

thanks for the Japanese, anj

The weather has been pretty fickle. Maybe the rainy season will be over soon?
And after that, it'll finally be summer!

07.12 (Mon) 10:21AM

We're back in the forest for filming for the nth time.
The wind today was really strong and sort of ominous.

07.13 (Tue) 5:50PM

It was so cloudy until just now that I was shocked the sky was still blue under there.
Maybe it's finally summer...

07.26 (Fri) 3:24PM

We're totally done with recordings for the Natsuniji campaign.
I'm in a ton of shows, so watch them, ok? :D

07.16 (Fri) 7:25PM
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One quick translation before bed. I was all stoked when I heard about his new serial this morning, and it's pretty much exactly what I expected (by which I mean it's adorable and Jun is adorable and I love it ♥ ). I hope he updates it as religiously as I do my own Twitter XD

Thanks for the Japanese, anj ♥

The middle of a forest is really quiet, and though you can't tell by looking from the ground, up high the trees start to sway. It's a really high place from which to hang something.
07.02 (Fri): 5:51PM

We've migrated back to the studio for shooting.
It's really been awhile since I shot on-location. I was stoked.

07.10 (Sat) 12:37PM

We went to two beaches today. Neither the sunshine nor the clouds nor the wind were in sync for even a single moment.
Time rolled on by and I was able to relax.

07.10 7:24PM
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I've still got a grip of translations to finish and others I've got to post up, but here's a quick one I banged out this morning. Enjoy~

the set of his new drama and... eating moldy cherries? )


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