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And we're done with another pamphlet! I think I got through this in 90 minutes; a new record :D Thanks for being easy to understand, Okada. Any suggestions on what I move onto next?

Concerts are a place where can show off ourselves 'now' )
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Jamming through with my resolution to translate every day this year. Any sugggestions on what pamphlet/other thing I should do next? (PS Inocchi I just love you beyond words)

I want this to be a concert that we as V6 can take pride in! )
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I've been delaying posting because I've been trying to think of doing something cool for my 200th entry, but this is about all I can think of. So I hope this is enough. Thanks for being with me, friends, even though I'm terrible at updating on a regular basis D;

messages for fans )
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Another one I meant to have up days ago, but with it being Golden Week here and most of my office gone, I'm basically doing the work of four people. So, not really much time for translation

I want this concert to make you feel 'this is the current, real V6' )
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Finally managed to get through those sentences that were tripping me up. Ken, you're so difficult. But it's okay because I love you a lot. The last paragraph of this is my favourite. Ken gets it is all I'll say.

It's a concert that includes a stimulating surprise! )
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I was going to go in order of the pamphlet, but I keep having trouble with a couple sentences in Ken's, so I just decided to finish Nagano's and post it. Hopefully now that I'm starting a real people job with real people hours, I can translate more like I used to before grad school threw my life into chaos.

Concerts are our precious 'home' to us )
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So, I'm not usually one for resolutions, but I've decided this year to try to translate something a little every day. Even if it's for 10 minutes, I'm going to translate. Partially because I feel bad neglecting this journal during the school year, but mostly because, in some respects, I feel my Japanese declining. Also I miss it a lot. So prepare to see more of me. If you don't, and I know you, please yell at me. Let's start the year off right with our most magnanimous of leaders

Let's enjoy my time as an idol together. )


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