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Hello, internet! Now that my brain is no longer mush, I can finally get back to translating things and not taking 50 years to do so (I hope). Here's a quick thing to get me back into it before I work more on the 20th anniversary pamphlet. And while I'm here, I just want to state that Maa-kun is all of us. Which means he's the worst. My poor bb you're such a dork ;__; .

Piano and tap are like that too, but there's great joy in seeing the fruits of your labours when doing something difficult )
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Work has kept me so busy lately I haven't gotten to translate V6 things and that makes me sad. Since I'm done with most of my prep for Japanese preschool this week, here's a short translation.

I love looking for cookware in Kappabashi. I feel like a kid in a candy store.  )
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When the boss is away, the fangirls will spend the morning translating to keep themselves busy because they have sweet fuckall else to do.

It's got the cooking process and the reasons for it. I think eating delicious things that are good for your body is really important. )
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It's been quite a slow day here at work, so have a quick translation of Ken's last column in TV Station.

I wanted to get a feeling for Iehira's time, so I went to where he lived. This will be an Iehira unique to me )
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The newest "messages from V6" in TV Station is just so cute (domestic!maa-kun yes i'm here for that), and it only took like, 15 minutes to translate, so here it is.

amazipang and one dish )


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