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Since I ended up having to cancel all my plans today, I decided I should be productive and translated the last 3 pages of the V6 interview. Part 1 is here. Now if you'll excuse me, I can feel myself melting into the ground. Soon I will become one with the Earth's core, yet even the molten core of the giant floating ball on which we all live can't match the burning love I feel in my heart for these six weirdos.

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I thought about just doing this all in one go, but I would hate for this to get overwhelming and then I never finish it (like so many of my translation projects). So I'm gonna try to do about 100-ish lines at a time and see how far that gets me. This is about 13/4 of the 31/2-4 total pages that this interview takes up, so we're nearing halfway done! The next section will probably be done sometime next week, since the rest of this week and weekend is super busy for me.

THAT HAVING BEEN SAID! Enjoy this lovely interview. V6 start off talking about the colour blue, and then about "Timeless" and "SPOT LIGHT," and then about "24 Hour TV" (bonus talk about HSJ! (not much, though)). I haven't skimmed much of the next section, but it does start with them talking about the tour and !!!

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