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I need something to do before my anxiousness over potentially not getting a ticket to the Sekubani tour causes me to throw myself off my goddamn roof. The anticipation is even worse after seeing con goods and the set list and OH GOD I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE THIS RIGHT NOW SO HERE HAVE A LITTLE ORISTA BLOG ENTRY ABOUT MY PRECIOUS BB MAA-KUN DRINKING LIKE THE FUCKING BOSS HE IS

the things i love most in life: sakamoto, beer, and sakamoto drinking beer )
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A quick translation because my brain is dead from studying for the JLPT and I don't want to study for the GRE right now ;_;

fidgety nino is fidgety )
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Ok, now that it's not Nino Day anymore, I can go back to being a Jun stan. So here's his part from that issue of Orista. I had most of this done a few weeks ago, actually, but my lazy ass didn't finish it till this morning.

If you missed Nino's, it's here (up next is Sho's or Leader's)

as members of the same group, that comfortable air comes naturally )
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Happy Nino day, y'all! Like the hobag for Matsujun that I am, I was going to translate Jun's part first, but since it's Nino's day, here's his ♥ I don't think I've seen these translated yet, and if they have been, I don't give a good goddamn! :Dv No colour-coding this time. Nino's colour is just too obnoxious to find a nice, web-friendly version that doesn't commit ocular assault. Either way, enjoy~!

credit for the scans go, as always, to the lovely girls at sng ♥

acting would have no meaning if I didn't have Arashi )


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