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It's still technically Sho day! I haven't completely failed as a stan! Here's Sho's interview from "Freecell" in 2009 about "The Quiz Show." Easily one of my favourite shoots, and the interview was pretty neat, too. I don't know, I feel like I should say more but my ass is running late for work so WHATEVER! ENJOY, OK? OK. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHO! (also, too lazy to add scans right now. y'all can deal)

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Did you all enjoy part 1? :D Here's part 2 with srsface!Jun, talking about "Wagaya no Rekishi," Arashi's concerts, and still making puns on his name.

Sorry this is a couple days late D; I got knocked out by a migraine and a severe case of dyslexia. But! extra special thanks again to my super awesome best Japanese professor ~ ♥

And while I have your attention: does anyone know if Jun's interview in "Cut" from 2007 got translated yet? Or where one might find said interview without having to spend $50 for it on eBay? Cos as much as I love Jun, I also love the prospect of going back to California with my friends after graduation and I"m sorry, Jun, but in the interest of fairness, Disneyland was here first... Ok anyway, if you know, holla back at me ♥

in which Jun channels the Showa era and is super modest )
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Holy crap, y'all, Jun is so freaking verbose! I thought I talked a lot (especially when I write sentences in papers that end up being entire paragraphs on their own), but he can make sentences in Japanese go on for seven lines. Commas and "kedo"s and ~shi ~shis all over the place. I would have had this translated days ago if I didn't have to go back and reread his sentences over and over to make sure I got all that he was saying. Golf claps for Matsujun, everyone.

And buckets of thanks to my amazing and wonderful Japanese professor for helping me with the parts I couldn't figure out. She's the greatest and you should all send telepathic warm fuzzies of thanks for her proofing this for me ♥

in which Jun talks about Kokuritsu, 5x10, and makes a pun on the kanji in hs name )

Look forward to Part 2 next week!


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