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I wasn't going to take my camera with me today, but this is probably the last chance I'll have for quite some time to go out and shoot, so I did. Only got a couple, since it's hard to simultaneously wrangle a stubborn dog who refuses to go near the water and take pictures, but I still got a few. Mostly boats and logs and shit, since this is right next to the ferry terminal. One of them, anyway. We have so many ferries.

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Trying to get out and see as much of the PNW as I can before I move next year. Finally went to Discovery Park and saw the Lighthouse.

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Also, if you feel like throwing a couple bucks my way per month to help me get by/take more photos/go more places to take more photos, I created at Patreon here. (Seriously, no worries if you can't. It's not like I'm going to stop taking photos or posting them here, but a couple bucks a month would go a long way)
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For all the times I've been to Instagram Point Gasworks, I've never actually taken photos there, so I took my camera out on the nicest day of the year (so far).

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It's my favourite time of year here and I finally went out and went to the Arboretum. Hooray, more pictures of flowers! (god knows I don't have enough of those)

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It's Spring in Seattle which means only one thing: everyone and their mom at UW taking pictures of the cherry blossoms. And my friends and I doing hanami.

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