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I'm alive, I promise! My brain has just been mush for a variety of reasons but I wanted to translate this song the second I heard it because it made me cry because I'm a giant baby. Add this to my ever-growing list of songs that will make me cry if I see them live. At this point, I should just get life jackets for everyone in the venue because I'm going to drown the entire place in my tears.

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Hello, internet! Now that my brain is no longer mush, I can finally get back to translating things and not taking 50 years to do so (I hope). Here's a quick thing to get me back into it before I work more on the 20th anniversary pamphlet. And while I'm here, I just want to state that Maa-kun is all of us. Which means he's the worst. My poor bb you're such a dork ;__; .

Piano and tap are like that too, but there's great joy in seeing the fruits of your labours when doing something difficult )
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Good morning! and hello from my new house! I finally got my new desk set up and I need a break from unpacking, so here's a short, quick, cute little jweb email from Go (sent last Friday but moving, no desk, etc).

Good morning! )
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I haven't translated stuff in a while for... many reasons, but I want to again, so I'm back with a short thing. I'm still working on the rest of the interviews in this pamphlet, but here's a thing just to get me back into translating. Okada gets kinda deep in this one, so if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go take these feelings about his feelings and cry a lot.

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It's Friday morning and I have nothing to do so have a Tonisen song!

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I keep having time at the end of the day to do stuff, so I thought I'd start filling in some gaps of songs I haven't translated. Here's a quick one that I love.

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So I've had a good bit of downtime between different projects at work, and since translating is part of my job for really real now, I might as well spend that downtime doing something moderately productive. I've been wanting to translate this since I read it (l o l back when I was in Japan) but never got around to it until now.

Nishidera Gota, you will remember, worked with V6 on Tonisen's "Dancing Machine" and then on "Sexy.Honey.Bunny!", "Poison Peach," "kEEP oN." (with corin), "Music Life," and "D.I.S." And now the "39 Symphony" (still praying we get that as a bonus somewhere).

Part 1 )
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Apparently I still can't stop myself from translating, so here's Maa-kun's 10,000 character interview from the pamphlet.

We say what must be said but gently. V6 are adults. )
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I can't stop myself from translating this pamphlet, so here's a couple things from the first few pages. Nothing really major? just some introduction, mostly, both to the pamphlet itself and the first photo spread. After this, it's each member's long interview, the group's long interview, and the behind-the-scenes of the making of "~此処から~".

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As I've been scanning this pamphlet, I keep reading different parts here and there and just getting completely overwhelmed with feelings, but never more than when I was reading the last few pages of the pamphlet where V6 wrote messages to us. As I wait for the pamphlet to upload, I thought I'd just translate them really quick (even though I feel like, for maximum emotional impact, I should wait to post these until after I've translated all the other parts of this pamphlet (because there's no way I'm not going to), but you know what, fuck it). Seriously, they love us so much, and everything they do and everything they've done this year just reinforces that and oh my god here come the tears

message from V6 )
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Since I'm obviously not making any progress on scanning and stitching the last half of the tour pamphlet (or anything else in my life, lbr), here's a photo post of con-related things: the arenas, goods, and my idiotic face. I'll try to organize this into sections so it's easier to navigate.

i really really really really really really like you )
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So this is going to be a lot shorter than my Yokohama reports, mostly because I spent the second half of the show in a total daze.

far fewer words )
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So here's my report. It's taken me forever, partly because I went to the concerts at the beginning of my trip instead of the end like I usually do, I was super busy running around every day, and then when I got back it was straight back to work where everything is horrible, plus jet lag killing me. Basically what I'm telling you is I'm a garbage human being who's really great at starting things but gets overwhelmed and can't finish them without Herculean effort.

Anyway, I've done my best to divide the report so it's easier to read: first with my seats, then the first half of the show, the MCs, then the second half and encores. If any of the girls I went with want to chime in with stuff I missed in comments, please feel free <3 I hope this is sort of helpful for those of you who didn't get to go this year for whatever reason. It's gonna be great on DVD! Don't forget there's gonna be a broadcast of the concert on 12/6 on WOWOW, preceeded by a broadcast of "Hard Luck Hero" and "Hold Up Down"! I'm curious how different the broadcast will be from the DVD (if it will be at all). If nothing else, I hope the DVD comes out quickly, because I'm jonesin hard for it. This is a really, REALLY well-produced show, and I'm just so happy with everything about this whole tour.

Photo posts of goods will come later. For now, enjoy the words!

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The second this showed up in my inbox, I knew it was going to be dorky and stupid because it's Okada. I was not disappointed.

it's today! )
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I have my con reports halfway written but I just don't feel like finishing writing them, or scanning the many things I bought, so here's a short translation of an interview that popped up on my Twitter feed months and months ago that I wanted to translate. Not much real info about V6 or anything, but it's still a nice little interview.

Our team has a lot of love for V6 )
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Work has kept me so busy lately I haven't gotten to translate V6 things and that makes me sad. Since I'm done with most of my prep for Japanese preschool this week, here's a short translation.

I love looking for cookware in Kappabashi. I feel like a kid in a candy store.  )
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Since I ended up having to cancel all my plans today, I decided I should be productive and translated the last 3 pages of the V6 interview. Part 1 is here. Now if you'll excuse me, I can feel myself melting into the ground. Soon I will become one with the Earth's core, yet even the molten core of the giant floating ball on which we all live can't match the burning love I feel in my heart for these six weirdos.

part 2 )
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I thought about just doing this all in one go, but I would hate for this to get overwhelming and then I never finish it (like so many of my translation projects). So I'm gonna try to do about 100-ish lines at a time and see how far that gets me. This is about 13/4 of the 31/2-4 total pages that this interview takes up, so we're nearing halfway done! The next section will probably be done sometime next week, since the rest of this week and weekend is super busy for me.

THAT HAVING BEEN SAID! Enjoy this lovely interview. V6 start off talking about the colour blue, and then about "Timeless" and "SPOT LIGHT," and then about "24 Hour TV" (bonus talk about HSJ! (not much, though)). I haven't skimmed much of the next section, but it does start with them talking about the tour and !!!

part 1 )
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I wanted to have this up yesterday but I just couldn't make a couple of the sentences at the end sound right. I think they're better now, so here we are. I'll have the little blurbs about them done probably tomorrow. For now, enjoy! ♥

Remembering their painful years in a lower social strata, and their uneasiness after debuting ... a discussion about how they really feel, which they can only say now.  )


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