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Welcome to sasurai, where sociologique posts pretty pictures and lots of words. Most translations are from Japanese but occasionally I'll translate Korean.

I've been speaking Japanese for 10 years and translating for 6. I've taught Japanese to both young children (heritage & non-heritage speakers) and tutored college students. I'll get off my lazy ass and get my JLPT N1 one of these days.

Upcoming & In-Progress ;; Completed ;; Requests ;; Photo Porfolio ;; Stage Reports

// rules
01 ;; don't repost photos or translations without asking first. when you repost, please include a link back to this journal.

02 ;; translations are by no means infallible, though i am meticulous in my efforts to convey both the literal meaning and the intent in the text for ease of understanding in english.

03 ;; retranslation is fine as long as you ask first, credit, and are fine with potentially losing something in translation.

04 ;; membership is locked but nothing is friends-only, so just friend for updates ♥ i update whenever i have time and energy. comments fill me with sunshine and rainbows.

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