251. translation: v6 - "ashiato"

I'm alive, I promise! My brain has just been mush for a variety of reasons but I wanted to translate this song the second I heard it because it made me cry because I'm a giant baby. Add this to my ever-growing list of songs that will make me cry if I see them live. At this point, I should just get life jackets for everyone in the venue because I'm going to drown the entire place in my tears.

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250. keep the earth below my feet

This one is basically The Many Angles of Mt. Rainier, everyone's favourite Decade Volcano that's one day going to blow and kill us all! (I say all that with love. I love you, Mountain). Anyway, I took most of these on Stevens Canyon Road between Ohanapecosh and Paradise. (Also, I keep forgetting to reply to comments so please don't think I'm ignoring you, I love and appreciate you all, I'm just bad at replying right now) (Also too -- hey! 250 entries! (well, 250 that I'm counting) That's pretty rad! Thanks for sticking around, friends!)

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249. i want to live where soul meets body

Saturday was National Public Lands Day and that meant free admission to all state and national parks so I took my tiny human for a drive through the park and a short hike through an old growth forest with trees that are estimated to be over 1,000 years old (meaning there are trees that were there during the Norman conquest of England). Also, remember that episode of GeI where they hike to the Mononoke forest? That's what it reminded me of.

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248. translation: messages from v6 vol.422: sakamoto masayuki

Hello, internet! Now that my brain is no longer mush, I can finally get back to translating things and not taking 50 years to do so (I hope). Here's a quick thing to get me back into it before I work more on the 20th anniversary pamphlet. And while I'm here, I just want to state that Maa-kun is all of us. Which means he's the worst. My poor bb you're such a dork ;__; .

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247. where the boats go

I wasn't going to take my camera with me today, but this is probably the last chance I'll have for quite some time to go out and shoot, so I did. Only got a couple, since it's hard to simultaneously wrangle a stubborn dog who refuses to go near the water and take pictures, but I still got a few. Mostly boats and logs and shit, since this is right next to the ferry terminal. One of them, anyway. We have so many ferries.

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246. translation: morita go "himeanole" jweb email

Good morning! and hello from my new house! I finally got my new desk set up and I need a break from unpacking, so here's a short, quick, cute little jweb email from Go (sent last Friday but moving, no desk, etc).

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245. alone and prone in the half-light

We've had a gorgeous Spring here but I haven't been able to get out and go hiking (well, I mean technically I could but I shouldn't right now), so this is the first time I've gone out with my camera since September. We went to the Point Defiance Zoo yesterday for my birthday but only the Sumatran Tigers were out (I wanted to see the Clouded Leopards but they were all asleep), so here's some aminals.

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244. translation: Since 1995 to Forever pamphlet: my favourite single best 10

I haven't translated stuff in a while for... many reasons, but I want to again, so I'm back with a short thing. I'm still working on the rest of the interviews in this pamphlet, but here's a thing just to get me back into translating. Okada gets kinda deep in this one, so if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go take these feelings about his feelings and cry a lot.

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243. translation: v6 - "traveler"

It's Friday morning and I have nothing to do so have a Tonisen song!

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242. translation: v6 - "issho de saigo no koi"

I keep having time at the end of the day to do stuff, so I thought I'd start filling in some gaps of songs I haven't translated. Here's a quick one that I love.

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240. translation: nakayama yuma - "kousaten"

More downtime, more "studying." Turns out the last song I translated was also a Yuma song. This is entirely [livejournal.com profile] clipsie's fault.

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239. translation: nona reeves blog: "v6's 20th anniversary" and "39 symphony" part 1

So I've had a good bit of downtime between different projects at work, and since translating is part of my job for really real now, I might as well spend that downtime doing something moderately productive. I've been wanting to translate this since I read it (l o l back when I was in Japan) but never got around to it until now.

Nishidera Gota, you will remember, worked with V6 on Tonisen's "Dancing Machine" and then on "Sexy.Honey.Bunny!", "Poison Peach," "kEEP oN." (with corin), "Music Life," and "D.I.S." And now the "39 Symphony" (still praying we get that as a bonus somewhere).

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xx. housekeeping

Just as a mostly useless update, I've gone and updated this journal's profile for the first time in 50 million years (after literally spending all last night and this morning trying to re-code CSS to simple HTML because LJ doesn't let you use divs, span, or any CSS do you have any idea how frustrating that was. I finally gave up and just found different code). I feel like it's more organized and easier to read and navigate now, so hopefully you think the same!

238. translation: Since 1995 to Forever pamphlet: Sakamoto Masayuki long interview

Apparently I still can't stop myself from translating, so here's Maa-kun's 10,000 character interview from the pamphlet.

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237. translation: Since 1995 to Forever pamphlet: first 09 pages

I can't stop myself from translating this pamphlet, so here's a couple things from the first few pages. Nothing really major? just some introduction, mostly, both to the pamphlet itself and the first photo spread. After this, it's each member's long interview, the group's long interview, and the behind-the-scenes of the making of "~此処から~".

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xx. stage reports

Since I apparently have so many of them now, I think it'll be easier for us all if I organize them all here.

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236. translation: Since 1995 to Forever pamphlet: message from V6

As I've been scanning this pamphlet, I keep reading different parts here and there and just getting completely overwhelmed with feelings, but never more than when I was reading the last few pages of the pamphlet where V6 wrote messages to us. As I wait for the pamphlet to upload, I thought I'd just translate them really quick (even though I feel like, for maximum emotional impact, I should wait to post these until after I've translated all the other parts of this pamphlet (because there's no way I'm not going to), but you know what, fuck it). Seriously, they love us so much, and everything they do and everything they've done this year just reinforces that and oh my god here come the tears

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235. Lovecen Presents V6 Live Tour 2015 ~ Since 1995 - Forever ~ Photo Post

Since I'm obviously not making any progress on scanning and stitching the last half of the tour pamphlet (or anything else in my life, lbr), here's a photo post of con-related things: the arenas, goods, and my idiotic face. I'll try to organize this into sections so it's easier to navigate.

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234. and you didn't even notice the gentlest feeling

The last of my photos from Japan. I didn't take my camera at all this last trip since I knew I wouldn't be going around taking photos (a bummer, but it'd have been worse to bring it and then not use it). So have the last of my ones from Kyoto.

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