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As I've been scanning this pamphlet, I keep reading different parts here and there and just getting completely overwhelmed with feelings, but never more than when I was reading the last few pages of the pamphlet where V6 wrote messages to us. As I wait for the pamphlet to upload, I thought I'd just translate them really quick (even though I feel like, for maximum emotional impact, I should wait to post these until after I've translated all the other parts of this pamphlet (because there's no way I'm not going to), but you know what, fuck it). Seriously, they love us so much, and everything they do and everything they've done this year just reinforces that and oh my god here come the tears

Message from V6

To our beloved fans

Precisely because it's right now, we also have things we'd like to say to you all. We may not be able to say it very well, but we thought we'd try to express these feelings with our full spirit. Please accept our messages.

// Sakamoto Masayuki

Fans will say "congratulations" to us, but at the same time, we also want to say "thank you" back to them with all our hearts. I'm sure the fans also have a lot of different thoughts about our 20th anniversary. We're friends who are passing the years together, so let's continue to enjoy ourselves as much as we can.

// Nagano Hiroshi

To the fans who've always supported us, to those who -- for whatever reason -- became fans along the way, and to those who are coming to see us for the first time this time... I think there are a lot of different people, but your cheers give us strength, and you're our support. That's why we'll stay together from here on out, so please keep us in your favour.

// Inohara Yoshihiko

If we had lost even one member, we wouldn't have come this far... and by the same token, if we were to lose even one of the fans we have now, we wouldn't be here together like we are now. Put simply, 20 years isn't the end, and that's why rather than saying "thank you," I'd like to say, "there's more ahead."

// Morita Go

V6's fans are amazing. I can't express it in any way but intuitively, but it's not even close to how profound it is to me. It's incredibly heartening. I can't be anything but grateful, and without a doubt, you fans are there as part of our 20 years of history, as well. We've both all grown up together, but will you continue to run along with us?

// Miyake Ken

Because all you fans are here for me, I feel like I can be aware of my own existence. When I'm doing my best, it's not for me, it's for all of you. When there's something about V6 that I want to report, you're the people I want to tell first. Of course, in the years to come, too...! I don't think that'll ever change.

// Okada Junichi

The me I am now is all thanks to you, the fans, who helped bring me up. Changing my looks from character to character I've played probably causes you trouble (laughs), but I'm thankful for you looking out for me. There are things that will probably change in the future, but I love V6, and I'd be happy if I could get that across... Thank you so much.

Date: 2015-11-14 07:41 pm (UTC)
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Thank you for translation. I've know they are amazing, but now I'm sure that I lost many years without V6!


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